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Howdy! I do play Shooters, just not on PC. Too easy for kiddies to buy cheap hacks and ruin the game. Typically stick to console, PS4/5.
How long do you wait for lobby with crossplay turned off? I still play on controller. Just like switching m&k from time to time to keep the game fresh.


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Wife and I just installed WoW Classic. Creating Alliance chars now on US East Server Bloodsail Buccaneers. We'll see how it goes.

Edit: She chose Elven Rogue, so I did the same. Did the first couple of quests in the beginning zone.

I only subbed us up for a month in case we decide the game's not for us and maybe try LoL or wait for AOE4. I forgot how slow this game can be. Haven't made it to the GoldShire of the Elven place yet, we'll see if it picks up then.
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Played for a couple of days, got stale pretty quick. New World is actually a pretty good MMORPG. Currently playing that along with Warzone and Apex.