[FINALIZADO] Torneo 1v1 "Joven Padawan"

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TOURNAMENT 1v1 Beginners "Young Padawan"

- Organizer: l2k-Surf

- Brackets: http://challonge.com/en/Torneo1v1_JovenPadawan.svg

- Requirements for players:
  1. Belong to the Clan l2k.
  2. Be starting in SC: BW (players with advanced level are not allowed).
- Preparation: Each participant must have a Jedi Master. This will help and guide you in all aspects relevant to the game that your Padawan needs. The Jedi Masters will not participate in the tournament as players, and may only have THREE Padawans.

- Start date and time: 01/08/17 00: 00hs (GMT -3).

- Location: Server EAST, Channel Clan l2k.

- Rounds: All BO3. Final BO5.

  • Round1: 01/08 00:00hs to 02/08 23:59hs
  • Ronda2 / Losers 1: 03/08 00:00hs to 04/08 23:59hs
  • Ronda3 / Losers 2: 05/08 00:00hs to 06/08 23:59hs
  • Losers 3: 07/08 00:00hs to 08/08 23:59hs
  • Losers 4: 09/08 00:00hs to 10/08 23:59hs
  • Losers 5: 11/08 00:00hs to 23:59hs
  • Semininal / Losers 6: 12/08 00:00hs to 23:59hs
  • FINAL: 13/08 2:00 p.m.

- Game Mode: The brackets will be arrayed bypassing the location of the participants. The schedule and date of the games will be arranged among the participants who must play it. Example, in Game 1 appears Player X vs. PlayerZ, they will fix the day and time they can play, being the one that is most comfortable. For each round there are TWO COMPLETE DAYS of time to finish the game. In case you do not play, both will be disqualified. That is, if the tournament starts on 01/08/17 00: 00hs, the first round ends on 02/08/17 at 23: 59hs, then the 2nd round commits 03/08/17 00: 00hs, etc.

- Selection of maps: Initial map for all games: iCCup Fighting Spirit 1.3. Then, loser chooses the next one from the map pool. That is to say, the first game unfailingly is realized in Fighting Spirit, the loser of the encounter chooses the following map within the map pool.

- Map Pool:
  1. Fighting Spirit
  2. Python
  3. BlueStorm
  4. Destination
  5. Paranoid Android
  6. Luna
  7. Longinus

To warn about the partial or total result of a game, THE WINNER publishes the result with the replay attached in a comment in this same post.

- Grounds for disqualification:

  1. Racist and / or xenophobic insults between players, except that they are jokes and be consented by both.
  2. Do not specify the games in the stipulated time. In case of not being able to do it for a justified cause, the organizer must be informed to avoid the disqualification.
  3. They will be disqualified without exception both Masters Jedi and Padawans, in case of detecting that the Master Jedi plays in place of the Padawan.
Jedi Masters and Padawans receive the same prize:

1st place: SC Remastered + U $ S50 Amazon boucher.
2nd place: SC Remastered.
3rd place: SC Remastered.

- l2k-Surf (Master Jedi)
  1. l2k-Cjoe (FernandoWho)
  2. l2k-Spec-Ops_X
  3. AR35
- l2k-Ati (Master Jedi)
  1. l2k-Freis
  2. l2k-Supremo182
- l2k-wifli (Master Jedi)
  1. l2k-sQs (Alamo)
  2. Ampersand
- l2k-Retro (Master Jedi)
  1. ShadowsKeeper
- Orphans
  1. l2k-FacaRock
  2. l2k-Santisc
  3. Morpheus590
- COSMIC-GIRL CHANGED FOR l2k-SANTISC, due to inactivity.
- Also separated were the players who did not have much contact with their "Master Jedi". They will continue in the tournament, but alone. They can ask anyone for help about what they need.
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¡Soy padawan con l2k-Surf! ¡Buena suerte a todos los participantes!


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Buenas! yo soy fernandowho. otro de los jovenes padawans a cargo de surf, bajo estricto entrenamiento para dejar de jugar con los pies, suerte a todos!


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I played my first Padawan practice game. (And maybe my first game on Fighting Spirit as well... I'm from the Lost Temple generation.)

Here's the rep:


  • SpecVugh W 20JUL17.rep
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Hola gente! Soy Facundo Colotti ( l2k-FacaRock ), juge contra l2k-cjoe, gane las 2 partidas les dejo los replays.



  • 222717-(1)iCCup fighting sp.rep
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  • 230054-(4)Python1.3.rep
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