Elite Dangerous Log - l2k-Spec-Ops_X - 27AUG16


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[Originally Posted: August 27, 2016]

Elite Dangerous Log:

Some nefarious folks have UA bombed Ceos, bringing most if it's functions (including it's missions) offline. (UA Bombing is selling "Unknown Artifacts" on the black market inside the space station. I think they're full of radiation that causes hull damage to the person carrying it - so it's dangerous to carry it for a long time. But it also causes damage to a space station if you sell the contents to them on the black market.)

The only way to repair the space station is for humans to bring enough meta-alloys to the station for repair. (Some folks have been doing that for the past couple of days, but the station still isn't repaired.)

So, while that's being repaired, I have to temporarily abandon my Sothis <-> Ceos credit missions. I decided I would focus on rank missions while I wait, and decided to do that in Tun, at Tun's Wart Station.

I was emboldened last night, so I decided I'd try to max the range of my Asp Explorer by selling all of my ship's modules to reduce it's weight - including downgrading to the lowest power distributor and getting rid of my shield generator. This allowed me to get to Tun in only 15 jumps, but Sothis doesn't sell fuel tanks, only Ceos does, and Ceos' ship modification shop was of course offline. So I had to get a fuel scoop. Decided to get a size 6 grade A fuel scoop. That thing is madness! I think it can scoop 750mm/s (compared to my previous best of 80mm)

With no shields and less thrust to escape pirates, I knew I'd have to be careful on my trip to Tun. (I did keep one chaff launcher for defense.) What I didn't know, and only discovered after I launched, was that my power distributor was so tiny, that it couldn't provide my ship enough power to boost at all. This would make my trip a little more hair raising.

I did manage to make it to Tun in one piece. But was sad to see that it didn't have the modules I needed to give my ship a shield generator or a better power distributor. Nonetheless I've picked up a bunch of Federation data delivery missions and have set off to other systems. The first system was an outpost that didn't even have repair functionality (and I did a fast landing so I fender bendered on the landing pad and took 3% hull damage.) Now I'm off to my second station. Hopefully that one has a strong tech market so I can install appropriate ship parts again.

Fly safe, commanders. o7