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  1. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Playing LoL Lately

    League is free if you want to try it out. If you do, feel free to add me (l2k SpecOpsX). We're usually on to play a few quick games just before bed.
  2. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Playing LoL Lately

    After trying WoW and not feeling it. The wife and I went back to setting up an Ark server and played that for a couple of weeks when we had time. However, for the past two days we tried LoL and she actually likes it. So we'll probably be gaming on that when we can.
  3. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    This is a test.

    This is also a test... just saw a cool little cursor and felt curious to try it out on my own site. Putting steps here for when I'll eventually take the cursor down: Appearance -> Style Properties -> Page Setup -> Remove CSS from Freeform sections.
  4. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Updated forum software.

    Another update complete.
  5. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    Wife and I just installed WoW Classic. Creating Alliance chars now on US East Server Bloodsail Buccaneers. We'll see how it goes. Edit: She chose Elven Rogue, so I did the same. Did the first couple of quests in the beginning zone. I only subbed us up for a month in case we decide the game's...
  6. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    I think I fixed your l2k-Morbid account now. Should be able to do/see everything again. Let me know!
  7. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Random Fun Fact

    Clan l2k had 5 members who qualified to represent their national teams in the World Cyber Games.
  8. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    Dang, there's been a lot more expansions than I thought there would be... Have y'all checked out Valheim? I've got a private server up - the game is pretty dope.
  9. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    About to log into my Blizzard account to see just how many expansions to WoW have been released since I last played 12 years ago.
  10. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    Hey, Dom! Just seeing these two posts now. Wife and I both work together pretty much on a swing shift. (And unfortunately on-site, so no gaming from home while working, lol) We get home in the middle of the evening. We do have Saturdays and Sundays off, though. I'm like you. I haven't played...
  11. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    I think l2k-Shadow plays Classic WoW. Dom, you still play WoW? Current or classic?
  12. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    The wife and I were most recently playing Valheim on a server I setup. After 10 years, she finally tried out Ark, Valheim, and Age of Empires 2 and liked those games. I have been wondering if she would like WoW.
  13. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Well well well...

    How's it going, Rip? :) This site's a little inactive at the moment. (Sometimes it spruces up. I keep it running for posterity and the occasional "band re-union.") We also have a discord channel that sees a little more action:
  14. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    SSL's back up and running for 2021

    Certs were expired. Renewed.
  15. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Updated forum software.

    Upgraded to the release of xenForo (2.2.1) ~Fin
  16. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Torneo 2v2 Random Team

    Good luck to everyone!
  17. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Torneo 1v1 "The Force awakens" (La fuerza despierta)

    Any news out of this tournament?
  18. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Bienvenido l2k-Hydra

    Welcome, l2k-Hydra!
  19. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    New Favicon

  20. l2k-Spec-Ops_X

    Welcome l2k-Exalt

    Nice to have you on board, l2k-Exalt. Stay active on the forums and and I'm sure you'll do fine. l2k-Exalt Join Date: 20AUG17 Recruited By: l2k-Spec-Ops_X in USEast Exalt is recruit 208 for me since 2001.